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Wholesale Kitchens | Beverly Hills, CA

Cuest Corp has the capacity to provide wholesale kitchens to clients throughout Beverly Hills, West Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Palos Verdes, Hidden Hills, La Cañada and surrounding areas in California. We provide factory direct German technology true frameless kitchens and counters.

We are a high end kitchen utensils brand combining european style and global intelligence.

We have more than ten years of profound research on product design, craftsmanship and functionality, with an R&D team that was leaded by a renowned German designer. A number of production units have been imported from Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Span; high end and environmentally friendly material are also imported. ISO9001:2000 quality management systems, has been implemented in every detail in the production process. We also work closely with local and international institution, and this has helped different collection to become more scientific and artistic.

We have combined kitchen culture and the latest design philosophy according to different lifestyle and aesthetics of different ethnics. Our kitchen appliances, sinks and kitchen cabinets are all made through excellent design and craftsmanship, innovative technology, exceptional management, unrivaled functionality and environmentally friendly concept, helping you to shape an exclusive kitchen just for your needs. As ab advocator for “One-Stop Service For Kitchen” Our customers can feel the quality that we guarantee through before and after sale service, as well as the whole purchasing experience.

In China, we were in over 30 provinces and cities, with more than 1000 sales and services points; at the same time we have supplied kitchen cabinets, appliances, sinks and other associated products for over 600 different property development projects, involving over 80 real estate companies. We provided intelligent kitchens in over 60 countries and regions, for example: the USA, Germany, Japan and the Middle East.

Creating value…making dreams come true. Every innovation and exceptional technology we developed had not only brought real value to the ultimate users, but also brought trendy kitchen culture and high end artistic lifestyle, to different families around the world, creating an international and artistic kitchen world.

An environmentally focused factory with the latest technology and production capacity. We only represent the best in the world.

Capacity to produce over 500 unit per day!

The most modern and up to date fabricator in Asia.

The best UV process to give you the most high end durability in the market at the best price

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Beverly Hills, West Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Palos Verdes, Hidden Hills, La Cañada